Ways to protect Inventory During Shipping

There are many ways inventory can get damaged, completely ruined, or lost during shipping. The farther the inventory has to go, and the mode of transportation, has a lot to do with the degree of risk. A huge cargo ship, for example, is a place where inventory can get lost, mixed up with other products, or even stolen.

There are so many pallets and crates on board that misplacing one or two is a real possibility. If the inventory is specialty crackers, the loss can be written off and no real harm done. If the inventory is high-priced watches, for example, there is a lot of money tied up in that shipment. Bar-codes are often placed on shipments so manufacturers and distributors can keep track of where inventory is during the journey. That works well for knowing when the inventory will arrive, but will not help find missing items.

Using GPS Tracking devices for valuable shipments can help find inventory should it get lost or stolen. Some available devices are small, and can be hidden within the boxes, crates, or pallets. They are not visible, so are less likely to be discovered and disabled or removed. Depending on the range and the service provider, it is possible to leave the device inactive until it is needed. If the inventory is missing, the device can be turned on, and the items located. If the inventory arrives on time, and in full, the device can be used for another shipment.


Other gps tracking devices protect inventory from getting damaged or ruined by ensuring the environment is ideal at all times. Devices can set off alerts and alarms when conditions become critical. Frozen or refrigerated inventory is a perfect example. A device can be programmed to sound an alarm, or send an alert to a specified phone or computer, when the temperature goes above a certain degree. Any failure in cooling equipment, such as a compartment or the back of a long-haul truck, will be noted before the inventory spoils. Maintenance can fix the problem before there is a loss of the items in most cases. Often, the issue is not noticed, especially if the failure happens in between safety checks or inspections. A programmed tracking device can prevent that incident.

The success of utilizing tracking devices for inventory control and protection depends on selecting the proper device, and having state of the art services available. Some companies and services, such as GPS Tracking from LiveViewGPS, for example, offer services with month to month billing. That makes services more affordable, and can benefit any sized business. Annual payments, or long-term contracts, are not financially feasible for many small and medium sized businesses.


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